Returns a string containing $number represented in base $tobase. The base in which $number is given is specified in $frombase. Both $frombase and $tobase have to be between 2 and 36, inclusive. Digits in numbers with a base higher than 10 will be represented with the letters a-z, with a meaning 10, b meaning 11 and z meaning 35.

declaration of base_convert

string base_convert ( string $number , int $frombase , int $tobase )

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On 05. Jan 2014 22:04 Scopey wrote:

This is because of the limitations with PHP and "Floating Point Precision". See for more details on this.

On 05. Nov 2013 20:43 Unknown :) wrote:

Hi! Sorry for my simple English! On big values returned values is not identical $returnValue = base_convert('999595923311299999311299999999', 10, 36); = 2owui47so668csockg0k $returnValue = base_convert('2owui47so668csockg0k', 36, 10); = 999595923311300264428664466028


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