Encodes the given string according to « RFC 1738 ».

declaration of rawurlencode

string rawurlencode ( string $str )

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On 16. Sep 2010 09:11 butzi wrote:

@andreas: It is not as easy as it looks like. But i am planning an improvement, that will work for you in the next month.

On 13. Sep 2010 09:46 ab-tools wrote:

Hello, Unfortunately this function does not work correctly, because you are not using UTF-8 encoding on your page. Therefore e. g. the cyrillic characters "????????" get encoded to "%3F%3F%3F%3F%3F%3F%3F%3F" what is obviously wrong. Please use UTF-8 encoding on your webpage. This would solve all problems. Best regards Andreas

On 12. Mar 2010 16:36 ??? wrote:

This is not working. Multibyte characters, like those in this string ???, are getting turned into question marks, ?, before they get passed to rawurlencode.?Hence the output is wrong. This string should be correctly encoded as %E3%83%9D%E3%83%BC%E3%83%AB, but this online tool gives %3F%3F%3F.

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