Json_decode() takes a JSON encoded string and converts it into a PHP variable.

declaration of json_decode

mixed json_decode ( string $json [, bool $assoc ] [, int $depth ] [, int $options ] )

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On 16. Nov 2017 10:02 Charles Njau wrote:

This such a great tool for testing good work mate

On 03. Jun 2013 07:37 indapublic wrote:

Your site is correctly working with my utf8 encoded json data, but I have JSON_ERROR_UTF8 error on my local site. What could be a reason?

On 29. May 2013 13:02 Fred wrote:

Did you do any special pre-parsing/encoding of the text? json_decode keeps failing for me inspite of it working here and on jasonlint validator. Not sure what it is..

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