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Generate your own password with several options. The number of characters is free adjustable as the used characters, too.

declaration of Generate Password

string generatePassword ( int $charCount , bool $excludeSpecialChars , bool $capitalChars , bool $lowercaseChars , bool $charAsFirst , bool $numberAsFirst , bool $SpecialCharAsFirst , bool $charAsFollowing , bool $numberAsFollowing , bool $SpecialCharAsFollowing )

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On 08. Mar 2013 11:17 butzi wrote:

@anonyms: Try to create your own function. You only need a look for the chars and the mt_rand function to get the chars.

On 05. Mar 2013 04:46 anonyms wrote:

how can i use your code in my php?

On 03. Jun 2010 12:21 shalini wrote:

very very nice site for newbies like me to know about the string functions in PHP. Highlighting is running the code instantly and get result.

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