Generates a storable representation of a value. This is useful for storing or passing PHP values around without losing their type and structure.

To make the serialized string into a PHP value again, use unserialize().

declaration of serialize

string serialize ( mixed $value )

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On 18. Jul 2013 13:10 Ranjan wrote:

Hi, I am using the PHP and serialized[0].hash method.its out put is as a[0][id]=2&a[2][id] on So how to get result in parent and child id and proper format. Thanks Ranjan

On 27. Jun 2012 14:03 Ymox wrote:

'array("label"=>null, "value"=>null)' doesn't work as well, and using single quotes instead does not help. I also tried to remove the space, escape the quotes: nada.

On 17. Jun 2012 16:21 butzi wrote:

@tfe: you are right, i will take a look at this.

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