Split the given string by a regular expression.

declaration of preg_split

array preg_split ( string $pattern , string $subject [, int $limit ] [, int $flags ] )

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On 09. Aug 2016 07:22 jl-aus wrote:

I agree with devvyn a multiple flag would be very handy. Having said that, thank you for this amazing tool! I found you through searching google for preg_split online. Just to let you know. It was very helpful!

On 24. Mar 2012 11:30 butzi wrote:

@devvyn: i will take a look at this. But will take some time.

On 20. Mar 2012 18:21 devvyn wrote:

I really like this tool, because it specifically lets me test preg_split without typing up test code. If I could add one improvement to this it would be the ability to choose multiple flags, such as in the expression (PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY | PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE). I believe bitwise OR is the proper way to combine, and a multiple select box here should do the trick.

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