Last comments for htmlentities()

On 12. Feb 2010 16:18 basnik wrote:

This page is great, but there's one big problem for me. Page encoding is set to ISO-8859-15, so if I want to try something with different charset (mainly UTF-8), I get question marks instead of my input.

On 01. Dec 2009 14:30 butzi wrote:

@rolf: it is not as easy as it looks like. The content should not be changed through this replacement, stripslashes will also remove slashes, that are provided through the input eg. escaped double quotations ... thats why it takes some time :-)

On 01. Dec 2009 11:29 rolf wrote:

Just a call to stripslashes on the output, and it should be OK ;)

On 25. Nov 2009 12:53 butzi wrote:

@J yes, you are right, they do not have the backslash. I try to fix it in the next days. Thanks!

On 24. Nov 2009 17:12 J wrote:

Like the page a lot, but words with apostrophes shouldn't have a backslash in the result, should they? Result: "words with apostrophes shouldn\'t be output with a backslash, should they?"