Last comments for md5()

On 18. Mar 2014 01:39 Karl wrote:


On 21. Jun 2013 18:06 Xmaster wrote:

Yes because MD5 is dinamic

On 14. Aug 2012 13:47 ROCKESH RONITH wrote:

its not working.....the result value is not Consirable

On 23. Jun 2011 04:41 TR wrote:

Never mind my previous comment. This tool works great!

On 23. Jun 2011 04:31 TR wrote:

The hash is incorrect. I ran the same md5() command in PHP and got a different result.

On 08. Apr 2010 06:36 Inami wrote:

Well... At first write kikugalanet than after this well.. kikugalanetlol than write not lol write your passwort than press run copy and paste the result in your DB

On 24. Feb 2010 17:50 butzi wrote:

@rex666: Just enter your password as it is and press "run". How the password mechanism of your software works is one other thing. Possibly there is another rule how the password is encoded (possibly by a salt or a second md5 call).

On 23. Feb 2010 16:42 rex666 wrote:

how dose this work?

On 23. Feb 2010 16:24 rex666 wrote:

i can get my password to worn in the md5 test and get the result and copy and past it to my password it still say wrong password help me plz

On 25. Jan 2010 21:23 lukas wrote:

perfect it helped me on my flyff pserver join it at the moment only on hamachi