Searches $subject for all matches to the regular expression given in $pattern and puts them in $matches in the order specified by $flags.

declaration of preg_match

int preg_match ( string $pattern , string $subject , array &$matches [, int $flags ] [, int $offset ] )

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On 05. Feb 2014 09:27 Konstantin wrote:

Very useful! Thanks a lot. The only things that bug me are useless parts of interface. So many different divs that there is little place left for the core functionality. Every time i use this site i remove all div class "mainbox" Still, thanks a lot

On 19. May 2013 02:37 Nizar wrote:

Great jobs

On 08. Mar 2013 11:14 butzi wrote:

@brunchika: You do not need to add Quotes on the pattern, but you are required to use delimiters by default of PHP. Try pattern: /test/ subject: asdftestasdf and click run.

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